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A Midsummer's Kiss - Meara Platt

A Midsummer's Kiss - Meara Platt
I've read and loved the previous books in Meara Platt's Farthingale Series, so I was really excited when I found that book four was due out. If you haven't come across this series before, this series follows the romances of the Farthingale sisters. In the course of the books, we learn about each sister in turn and their journey to find their partner. 

It is a little unusual, as the series is running in reverse order, starting with twins Lilly and then her identical sister Dilly, moving onto next oldest sister Daisy. In this latest book we're up to second oldest sister Laurel. It is a little odd doing it this way around, we already know who everyone is going to end up with, as they are already with their husbands in the earlier books. I am tempted, as I've seen others suggest, to read them all again in chronological order when the fifth book comes out.

In each of the previous books, the Farthingale daughter in question finds their husband to be after a meeting in Chipping Way, where their London town house is located. For Laurel, this meeting takes the form of knocking over Lord Graelem Dane with her horse, and breaking his leg. Feeling remorseful, she quickly offered to do anything to make it up to him. Graelem has come to London to find a wife in order to secure his inheritance. If he doesn't marry by Midsummer's day, then he will forfeit his estate. As he is unlikely to be able to attend the social scene with a broken leg, he quickly takes Laurel up on her offer to do anything and says that he wants her to marry him.

Laurel (of course) feels drawn to this mysterious and handsome stranger, but doesn't want to be rushed into a marriage. She still feels incredibly guilty though about what has happened and spends time with him, finding herself drawn to him more and more.

Like the previous books in the series, the story is lovely and the growing romance between Laurel and Graelem works well. Of course, having read the other books in the series, you always know that they will end up together, although, of course, when it comes to the romance genre, we often know that in any case. It doesn't detract from the story or the way it unfolds though and it is great to get to know the characters that we've only had small glimpses of in the previous books. I'm looking forward to reading the next one in the series when it comes out.

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