Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Little Poppets

Recently, I was given the chance to get hold of $30 store credit for pre-loved children's clothing store, Little Poppets, in return for a review.  I'd been meaning to have a look for a little while at the site, and get some stuff, so it seemed to be the perfect chance to see what Little Poppets was like and what they had to offer.

My little poppet

Pre-loved clothing

The basic idea behind Little Poppets is that you send them your pre-loved, but great condition children's and maternity wear, and they sell it for you on the website.  To be honest, there's very little of my children's clothing that ends up in great condition after they've finished it.  There are some things though, that are just too good for every day wear and we don't get our full use out of them, there are other things that just don't get worn enough before they've grown into the next size.  In both cases, the ability to sell them on, and perhaps purchase something else in it's place is a great one.  You can either have the money paid into your bank account, or use it as store credit for future purchases.

Modeling the Little Poppets Dress

Special occasion clothing

Where this buying and selling of clothing really comes into it's own, is with special occasion clothing.  I'm never keen to spend a great deal on clothes that are only going to be worn once or twice, but sometimes you really do need something special and new.  I like the idea of buying clothes like this from somewhere like Little Poppets, and also selling on special clothing that hasn't been worn much.

Little Poppets offer a simple "Five Yes Test" so that you can establish that your clothing can be sold: 

1. Is it gently worn? YES!
2. Is it in fantastic condition? YES!
3. Would we buy it? YES!
4. Would we dress our own children in it? YES!
5. Can we sell it? YES!

Simple, and I've got some items that I'll be sending off to Little Poppets shortly that pass the five yes test, I'll let you know how they get on.

Shopping at Little Poppets

With my $30 voucher I got some brand new jeans for Mahe, and a lovely little dress for Anja, which although not brand new, is in fantastic condition.  It actually all came to under $30, and at the time, I didn't realise that spending $30 or above would have given me free shipping (despite it being quite obvious on the website, I just didn't spot it).  The clothes arrived really quickly, which was great, and I was really pleased with them.  I haven't managed to get photos of Mahe in his yet, but the pictures on here are my attempts to photograph Anja in her dress.  (You know what it's like with a toddler, they want to see the photo before you've even taken it.....)

I want the cameraPre-loved dress

Little Poppets is a great option for kids clothes, the range is being updated regularly, so it's the kind of site that's worth visiting often, and you get get some lovely stuff for a great price.  Highly recommended, and I'll let you know how it goes when I send them some of our pre-loved clothing. Check them out here.

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