Monday, 19 May 2014

Did you read it?

A little while ago I wrote this blog post, which said do not read this as the title.  I promised to come back at a later date and let you know how it went, how many people actually did read it.

The curious

There's something completely irresistible about being told that you can't do something, or can't read something.  Even when you're pretty sure that it's all just a bit of a wind up, it tells me not to read it, so I'd better just have a look and see why I'm not supposed to read it, is what seems to pass through most peoples minds.  I'm guilty of it myself, how many times has someone said 'don't look but' and the desire to turn your head and have a quick glance in that direction is almost overwhelming.  

It's human nature, someone tells you that you can't look at something, and you want to know why.  It's the same as when there's a sudden road closure or detour, our nosy, curtain twitching side takes over and we all want to know what's going on.

Did you read it?

So, did you read it?  Quite a few of you did, it's not my most popular blog article ever, although for saying that it's only been around just over a week so far, it's certainly catching up fast on the front runner. (Which is currently this one, in case you are interested) and I think that I've got the most amount of comments on it too, which is a sure sign that people were being nosy and having a look.  Of course that was the whole point, you were supposed to read it, just to prove to me that telling people not to read something would make them look.  Sadly though, as one commenter pointed out, it probably wouldn't work if I were to tell you not to buy something, but just in case, what ever you do, make sure you don't pop along to my websites and buy something. 

So there you have it, just a bit of fun, but interesting all the same.  I'm hoping that the reverse won't be true, and my saying please do keep reading and commenting on my blog will stop you from reading.