Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Goodbye Grandad

I had got a number of things that I wanted to write about this week, already planned.  Then, on Sunday, my Grandad died, and I felt that I should probably write something about that.  I wasn't sure what though, so until now, I've written nothing.

Granddad was my last remaining grandparent, after Grandma died a couple of years ago.  He's been living in an old peoples home for a couple of years now, since then.  I haven't actually seen him for five years sadly.  I last saw both Grandma and Grandad before we moved over here.  It's a shame really, that I didn't see either of them again, but it is so difficult being so far away.  Of course when something like this happens, I feel even further away from home than usual.

My Grandad worked as a bus driver in his younger days, and Grandma also worked as a conductress on the busses.  Later on he worked as a dray man for one of the many breweries in Burton.  Driving was always part of his life, and he enjoyed motor caravanning for many years, founding the Auto Sleeper Owners Club in the 1980's.  When I was little I went away with them on quite a few caravan rallies, which were always good fun.

Another of his great loves was history, which is perhaps where I got my interest in the subject.  He was more interested in the military side of things and battles, but he loved history all the same.

I don't think I could claim to be particularly close to Grandad, certainly nowhere near as close as I was to other grandparents.  He was hard of hearing, and could be quite strict, so as a small girl, I think I was always a little reserved around him.  I have clear memories of him taking control of the tv remote when he came to visit, and not liking us children to touch it, even though I think we had far more idea of how it worked.

Really the best way to celebrate his life, would be to go for a pint, down at the local.  When I was little he used to go for a drink with Dad every Sunday before Sunday lunch, and every Monday when they came to visit.  Sadly though, over here, the 'beer' on offer is cold fizzy stuff, not the real ale that he (and I) enjoy.  So failing that, I'll raise a glass of whisky to him, another drink that he enjoyed.

Cheers Grandad, sleep well.

cheers grandad