Wednesday, 22 January 2014

A digital holiday

I've been away for a few days, a little summer break.  A chance to get away and experience some more summer like weather, which to be honest would be a huge bonus after all of this flipping rain we've been having.  Being as I run an online business, being totally offline wasn't really an option, so I was planning on using my phone just to keep on top of emails and the like, but not really bother with the computer as such, we were on holiday after all, which was fine, apart from one tiny little problem; no phone signal.  So, turns out our holiday was actually a digital holiday too, a break from the internet, being on line and all that it entails.

Actually, it was really nice, not to have my phone pinging and bleeping every few minutes, and having to resist the temptation to have a quick check of the screen and see what had appeared, been posted or emailed.  I didn't want to be doing that anyway, but had I had phone signal, I know I would have been unable to resist the temptation to check every now and again.  I DID have to go and check my email at a wireless access point a few times, as I said, business to run, but other than that, total digital holiday.

The kids had a great time, swimming (at the pool, the lake was tooooo cold) playing mini golf (which I grew up knowing as crazy golf, same thing though) and just playing together.  Nice and relaxing.  I even read a whole book, from cover to cover, all the way through, and a real book, not on my kindle.  Now that really is a holiday.

mini golfer

Learning to putt

K looks on