Friday, 2 February 2007

Check out my nappies!

Well I've managed to take some pictures of my home-made nappies, and I'm very proud of them I must admit.  Of course I had to get the little man to do a bit of modeling for me, but he loves to have his photo taken so I'm sure that he didn't mind!

I've made the nappy so that you can fold it down to a smaller size, so it fits him now, and open it up more to fit him later.  I've got plenty of the first sized nappies, so I thought this would be more useful.  And yes, I did cheat and copy one of my brought nappies!

I think the little man might be getting ready for a bit of food some how, I think that he wants to eat something he can really get his teeth into (even if they're not quite through yet!) as he was certainly trying to eat his bear earlier.

I think I'll have to find him something more nutricious than stuffed animals to eat somehow though!

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