Thursday, 1 February 2007

Nappy Making!!

I'm feeling much better about the weight and food thing today, Kai seems happy and certainly has plenty of energy so I can't be doing that much wrong, and there's no point worrying if he looses weight one week, I'll have to see what happens next time!  He is a very long baby though, 65cm a few weeks ago and I'm sure that he's grown since then!!  Mind you, would be very surprised if he was a short baby, people would think that he was the milkmans!!

I've been making nappies over the past couple of days, and I'm feeling very proud of the results, they look just like the brought ones and are a fraction of the price, the terry fabric was only about £5 a metre including postage from somewhere in Bristol.  I had a bit of trouble getting the elastic right around the legs, but I think that I've cracked it now.  If nothing else they do the job!!  I haven't taken any photos yet, need my little man to model for me I think, but when I do I'll post the photos.

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