Friday, 29 December 2017

Skin Deep - Cassie Leigh

I was looking for a fun romance to read over the Christmas holiday and Skin Deep ticked all of the boxes.

Skin Deep

Mr Right Now is planning on forever…

Gigi Duval doesn’t do relationships, especially with her heart and career on the line. She values two things–her image and a good time in the bedroom. Watching men lie and cheat her whole life hardened her against “happily ever after”. When she interviews with Roman Bishop, the sexy co-owner of Ink Spinners Tattoo, she begins to wonder if he might be more than a casual fling. Only one thing is certain: Roman is off limits. Gigi can’t possibly add her best friend’s brother to her little pink book. Or can she?

My Review

Sometimes you are really in the mood for a particular type of book. In the busy run up to Christmas I really fancied a nice romantic read, with a bit of heat, to lose myself in for an hour or two. Skin Deep was just the right book. It helped that it was a well-written romance, with likeable and believable characters. I would probably have really enjoyed it in any case.

I wasn't sure at first if I was going to like the book. Gigi is, to be honest, a little bit annoying and vacuous to begin with. But it soon becomes clear that this isn't really who she is. She might come across as a pink loving, good time girl, but really it's all a front.

Roman (why are they always called Roman, I've never come across a Roman in real life, but have read many romances where the leading man is called Roman,) was very likeable. Although there is the 'blip' on the road to true love and happily ever after that often happens in similar books, he is on the whole just a really nice guy.

I liked the growing romance between Gigi and Roman and the way that were together. I thought that this was a fun and enjoyable read and I'd quite like to read the next in the series. I suspect that we've already met the main characters in this story.

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