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Temptation Trials - B Truly

Temptation Trials Part I
B. Truly
Publication date: June 3rd 2017
Genres: Adult, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, Romance
Will you be Tempted? Will Love save your Soul?
One nation under his reign.
Cardinal sins of man caused humanity to pay the price. Cali Nasser grew up in a world succeeding World War III. The aftermath forced the world dictatorship that she must now live in. A new Regime arose from the ashes. They demanded obedience and cooperation from every citizen, even in matters of the heart.
One domain … One accord … One nation. That is the moral code. In Cali’s eyes, it all revolves around a twisted plot for control.
It used to sicken Cali how people would allow the Regime to test their love through the Temptation Trials. That is, until she met Kincade. Cali’s entire point of view changes when she falls for him. She struggles with herself, debating if she should challenge the government’s law of arranged marriage.
Cali’s childhood friend, Stefani, always kept a positive perspective about their lives until she was threatened with the same dilemma, at odds over the man she loves.
Now Cali and Stefani face a desperate choice—submit to the Regime’s will, or fight for what they value most—love. Although lust, mistaken for love, could lead to damnation. Do they give up on love or sign up for the Temptation Trials, a reality TV show where every temptation is laid before them?
The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Can love save their souls?
Rated Mature 18 +
Adult, Dystopian Romance with sensuality and sexual content.

My Review 

What would you do if the government chose your spouse for  you? If the person that you had fallen in love with, couldn't be the person that you ended up with. Would you put yourself in the pubic eye, putting yourself in the way of ultimate temptation, on a reality tv show? If this was your only chance to stay with the partner of your choice? No one who has ever taken this choice before has been successful and every relationship that has allowed itself to be tested in this way has fallen down.

Cali and Stefani decide to take this test and enter with their boyfriends, in an attempt to win the chance to stay together. It becomes clear, that the government doesn't play fair and there are reasons that no one has managed to stay together.

The story was well written and I liked all four of the main characters. I did think that they were perhaps a little slow to pick up on what was happening and why they were behaving in a certain way. There is still much to find out in the next installment, what's happening and why it is going on.

I don't want to give anything away here, so I'll not say very much more. This is the first part of a two part series. From the way that this ended, I'm pretty sure that you couldn't read either as a stand alone novel. So far, I've only read the first book, but I really want to know what's coming next. I'm looking forward to the next in the series. In the mean time though, I'd recommend you get your hand on The Temptation Trials Part one, and give it a go.

Author Bio:
B Truly has wanted to be an author since she was fifteen years old and is grateful to have accomplished this dream. She has very vivid dreams and a wild imagination. She likes to read, watch tons of TV shows, and movies. She’s addicted to romance and gets a thrill out of action and suspense. She writes New Adult and Adult Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Paranormal.
B Truly has three wonderful children and a husband who defines the person she today. She works full-time as an Ultrasound technologist in Sugarland, Texas.


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