Thursday, 16 February 2017

Deep in the Night - Patricia Ryan

Deep in the Night is book two in the Hot City Nights series by Patricia Ryan. Although this is a series, the books are all stand alone novels that don't link from one to another. I've read them in the wrong order, but that doesn't really matter.

Deep in the Night
Deep in the Night by Patricia Ryan

Roman Fitzpatrick: Cool play-by-the-rules ex-cop on the outside, but scratch the surface… a hot-blooded man, ready and able to do whatever needs to be done.
Summer Love: Free-spirited photographer and gossip columnist in San Francisco. She has a “fan” who’d like to see her out of the picture.
Roman’s Assignment:
• Guard a woman who doesn’t want guarding
• Overcome prejudice against flighty gossip columnists
• Pretend Summer Love isn’t the sexiest, most desirable woman on the face of the earth

My Review

First of all, I think that I have to comment on the names of the main characters in this book. Summer Love? Roman? Yes, they are a little bit odd, but there is at least a reason given for Summer Love, and it makes sense in terms of her character. In any case, don't let that put you off, I certainly didn't.

Deep in the night is the story of a woman and her body guard. Summer doesn't think that she needs a body guard and she certainly doesn't want one. It soon becomes apparent that someone is out to get her, or at the very least to get something from her, and she has to rely upon Roman.

Although Roman tries to keep his distance from his client, he can't help but be drawn to Summer. There's something about her that he just cannot resist, even though she's not his type and he's not her's. It isn't long before they find that they can't resist one another.

This was a lovely little romance, with well developed and likeable characters. There was more to both of them than at first seems obvious and I really enjoyed reading their story and about the way their relationship developed. Another great book from Patricia Ryan.

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