Wednesday, 20 January 2016

No break for the holidays

No break for the holidaysI love the school holidays, maybe not quite as much as I did when I was actually at school, but there's no doubt that they are still great. Not having to get up early every morning, no lunch boxes to pack,(ugh, lunch boxes) time to spend with the kids. 

It's not all fun and games, having children at home all day can lead to craziness, fights and cries of 'but I'm bored!' but over all I love it. Apart from one slight problem that is. You see, back in the days when it was me who was on holiday from school, I got a break. There was no homework to get finished, I didn't have other things that I had to get done, even in the days when I had a part time job, it was only a few extra hours in return for extra spending money while I was off. No fuss, no pressure.

These days though, children being home from school means more work. This is where working from home becomes a struggle. Somehow I've got to fit in all of the things that I have got to get done, while still making sure that I'm not ignoring the children and finding fun things for them to do. I don't want to park them in front of the TV and hope for the best while I work my way through my to-do list. 

Fortunately they are quite good at entertaining themselves, and each other for that matter, but I don't want them to have to just rely on that, I want to be part of the school holidays fun to. Sadly though, there's a pile of work to get through that just isn't getting any smaller. I'll just have to try and juggle things until they're back and school and then get back on top of it all again then. Hopefully.

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