Saturday, 4 July 2015

Time to get to work

The crazyness that is having kidsFor the first time in over eight years, I had a day at home, without any children to look after or entertain. Actually, I had three days at home without any children. For the first time since K was born, I had everyone out at school or day care, as A started at daycare three times a week on Monday, now that she is three.

My first thought, when faced with this sudden, time to myself at home, was that what I really wanted to do, was make the most of this new luxury and just sit around, maybe reading or doing nothing. Sadly, I have got far too much to do.

For the last six months, at least, I've been juggling work, trying to fit it in around taking care of children and doing day to day stuff. Much of it has been put off with the thought that come June I'll have the time to actually do some of this stuff, A will be out for the day, and there will be no reason for me to struggle to get things done. 

My tax return is due in next week, Tuesday to be precise, so of course the only thing that I could really do with my 'new' time, was tackle that. Next week the kids are off school, so work will again take a bit of a back seat, but as usual I have so much to tackle that once the holidays are over, I'll have to be back into it with a vengeance.

I have this idea that once I've managed to get back on top of things, I might actually have a bit more time to do some of the things that I don't have time for now, more sewing, actually get some writing done...

I do miss her though, it might be hard to fit in all the work I have to do with a little person running around, but now, when I don't have one at home with me for the first time in over eight years, I can't help but feel a little lost, a little sad that time has yet again moved on and changed things forever.