Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The hole in the internet

The internet is a great thing, having all of that information at your fingertips.  Just the other day I was talking to my Mum about the days when you had to go to the library, and look in a book if you wanted to find anything out.  These days, a few swift taps on a keyboard, and the information is all there for you.  Every so often though, I fall down the hole in the internet.

You see, even though the internet is a great time saver in so many ways, it's also a huge time waster. I try not to spend time looking at pointless things while I'm on line, but every so often I find myself getting sucked in, and before I know it, hours have passed.  (By the way, I realise that there's a certain irony in this, based on my last blog post.) 

Pinterest a hole in the internet

Sometimes this time wasting on an epic scale is solely down to Google; you look something up on Google, it reminds you of something else, you google that and so on and so on.  There are some websites that are really bad for making a hole that I fall into. Top of the list would have to be pinterest, pinning photo and photo and idea after idea as you stumble across them on other people's boards.  I love pinterest, it's great for gathering ideas and getting inspiration, but all too often I just pin things and never get any further.  There's a tutorial for a top that I've had pinned for over a year, even have fabric for, but will still probably never make.I can easily waste hours there.

Ravelry; another hole in the internet I've been known to fall down

Then, there's Ravelry. It falls into the same camp as pinterest, except it just has knitting and crochet patterns. Hundreds and hundreds of them, that if I'm honest, I'm never going to make. Although it is handy for all kinds of things that I might want to make.

My most recent decent into the internet hole, was on youtube.  It started because I'd got a Beatles song stuck in my head, and after I'd listened to that one, it suggested some others....Soon it wasn't just the Beatles that I was listening to, but all kinds of music, and somewhere along the lines I remembered the Bonzo Dog Band (aka Bonzo Dog Do Da band). As a child I loved my Dads Bonzo Dog albums, not only was the art work on them, well, weird (Tadpoles even had a sliding bit that made their eyes move) but the music itself was just a bit crazy. I found my all time favourite childhood track, I'm not sure what it was that I particularly loved about it, but here it is:

Before I knew it, I'd not only spent time listening to all kinds of oddness, but I'd also looked up the band and various members on Wikipedia, (another prime internet hole site) and my planned early night had turned into a late one.  Of course I suppose the answer is that I should have a little more self control and not find myself wandering off down every alley and track that I come across when on-line, but I don't do it often, and sometimes falling down the hole in the internet is a lot of fun, if a little strange....