Friday, 15 August 2014

Today; I'm tired

I've had a few bad nights lately, and last night was dreadful so today; I'm tired.  Every so often you get nights like this, even before I had kids I'd go through spells where I couldn't sleep properly, and in all honesty in the last six years, I haven't had a lot of sleep.  But things have been better recently, now that Anja is a little bit older I am getting a bit more sleep, so when I have a rough patch, it almost seems worse.

today; I'm tired

My lack of sleep over the last few nights had been a combination of reasons; a teething Anja, wild weather, just not being able to sleep, and then last night....... I was sleeping fine until around 3am, when the smoke alarm woke me up.  It took me a few minutes to really grasp what was going on, I couldn't even quite grasp why I was the adult dealing with it, and where my parents were.  Bit strange really seeing as I've been living in New Zealand for the last five and half years and haven't really lived at home for a much longer time.  Still, I suppose that's the half asleep brain for you.  The boys woke up, but Anja and Lena slept through it all, which for saying that we ended up with two different smoke alarms going off quite a few times, was a bit worrying really.

Fast asleep

As it turned out, nothing, thankfully, was actually on fire.  We've been using the range in the kitchen for the last few weeks, to heat the hot water (actually got it to nearly 100 C out of the tap the other day).  It's been great, I even successfully cooked scones on it the other day. Any way, it's great but not last night, last night it filled the kitchen with smoke, and woke me up. Yay. You see the thing is, because it's an old range, it can be a bit temperamental, it gets clogged up quite easily, and there we go, room full of smoke.  It took me over an hour, on and off to get the smoke cleared, it didn't help that it was freezing too. Then when I was finally able to get back to sleep, Anja woke up.

Getting more sleep with a newborn

Of course I can't really complain, I've had a few nights bad sleep, and I'm really tired. But compared to how it was when the children were newborns, it's nothing.  Then you reach a whole new level of tiredness, the hormones don't help, and despite having done it four times, I know that each time I had a newborn, it was like no tiredness I'd ever known before. When I was pregnant with Lena, I remember thinking that the when I had my new baby, I'd been fine with the lack of sleep, because I was getting non anyway as Mahe wasn't sleeping. I was wrong.

So anyway, today I'm tired, but hopefully tonight will be better.

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