Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Bunny Angst

I really don't like the Easter Bunny, it's not something I'd even heard of when I was a child, and now as an adult, when my kids are talking about the Easter Bunny, I have a real problem with the idea.

Big bun, not exactly the Easter bunny

When I was little, we were given chocolate Easter eggs, and Easter gifts, but they were just given us by our
parents and family, there was no talk of a rabbit bringing eggs.  The first time I came across the Easter bunny was in a Snoopy cartoon, which is probably why I've always thought of it as being an American idea.  According to Wikipedia, (so it must be true) it actually came from Germany.  Either way, it seems to have spread worldwide, and now my children are asking when the Easter Bunny is coming.  They seem to want to believe in a rabbit bringing chocolate treats, so I suppose I'm going to have to go along with it.....

Childhood Easter

When I was little, we sometimes got chocolate eggs, but more often than not, we would have a gift of some description, maybe clothes or something from Grandparents.  Mum was rather more creative though, and would often make us something, I remember one year opening my chocolate egg to find a pom-pom chick inside that she'd made, opened the egg, put it inside and then re-wrapped in the silver paper.  Another year she made us all Edd the Duck puppets, exactly like the real thing.
I haven't quite reached such levels myself, but fortunately Mum hasn't lost her touch.  Yesterday in the post four fabric eggs arrived filled full of little toys and chocolate.  The girls have little egg shaped bags, while the boys have got a fabric egg shaped box.

Alternative Easter gifts

I'd better sort something out for the children for Easter from the Easter Bunny, I may not like him, but seeing as the kids are keen, I'll just have to put up with it, I'll just have to eat a bit more chocolate to cheer myself up.